Feeling new

Amazing, ain’t it? How time flies by.

Another year. Another slew of accomplishments, of wonderful beginnings, and of bittersweet endings.

Someone recently asked me if I feel old, because, as she wonderfully put it “you are essentially at the middle of your life – are you experiencing a mid-life crisis”?

(Yes, I’m older than I look, younger than I sound, and just where I wanna be.)

What an interesting way of putting my age in perspective. Now, although she was mathematically correct (statistically speaking), I really held a different view on things.

If anything, I feel incredibly new.

Yes, new.

I’ve only had what I feel is a very limited amount of experiences of what this wonderful world has to offer – and everything is new. New people, new places, new perspectives, and new insights. All the world is new – and I love it.

As John Glenn, the oldest person to board a U.S. Space Shuttle at 77, said “Too many people, when they get old, think that they have to live by the calendar.” I couldn’t possibly agree more.

Yes I still wear Transformers, Super Mario, The Avengers, Affliction, and Bathing Ape T-shirts, play all kinds of video games, and host S&M Nights (Scotch & Magic: The Gathering) at my place on a regular basis. I may frequent King West venues from time to time, do random roadtrips with random friends, and have a boatload of stickers on my laptops. And I wouldn’t change a thing.

But what I would change – is time with loved ones.

This past year I lost a good friend of mine. I had known him since high school and our group of friends all grew up together. And although we had spent less time together over the years, he and the rest of the boys always will mean a lot to me. And when he passed this year, it made me realize that it’s not age that we should focus on – but time. I am embarrassed that it took a friend’s passing for me to realize this, but what he taught me was that time is of the essence – really. Spend it wisely … and with friends and family.

Time with friends (even though I wasn't in the photo) Time with friends (even though I wasn’t in the photo) – circa 1997

Every moment someone spends with you is the biggest compliment they can possibly give you.

Because time is the most precious resource we have.

So, the next time someone asks you for a coffee, takes you on a date, plays video games with you, goes walking/skiing/biking/tennis/bowling/squash/underwaterbasketweaving with you, or just comes over to hang out – thank them, truly.

Thank you for the birthday wishes and I look forward to spending more time with you.



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Another year has passed, our lives have gotten busier, there may even a few +1s in the picture, but that’s no excuse. I’ll text you in a bit to plan not one, but a series of events. If you bail, you’ll find me at your doorstep.

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